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External Partnerships

External Partnerships: Become a Partner

The Texas A&M Energy Institute External Partnerships program focuses on establishing a vibrant interactive environment that brings together academia, government, and industry to discuss, address, and provide transformative solutions to energy challenges.


The External Partnerships of the Texas A&M Energy Institute have the following primary goals:

  • Enable and catalyze research collaborations between industry, academia, and government to generate new technologies and perform policy analyses towards improving the production, distribution, and consumption of fossil-based and non-fossil energy sources.
  • Improve research and education interactions among faculty, students, postdoctoral associates, and researchers in industry/government.
  • Establish links with industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to promote transfer of innovative and transformative technologies towards meeting the energy grand challenges.

Become an External Partner: Benefits

As an external partner of the Texas A&M Energy Institute, you will gain access to:

  • World-class faculty and researchers who are leading experts in the themes, areas, and topics of the Texas A&M Energy Institute.
  • Talented students and postdocs that represent the next generation of energy leaders.
  • Interdisciplinary research collaborations across college and departmental boundaries.
  • Interdisciplinary educational initiatives on all facets of energy.
  • Research opportunities for short-term and long-term energy research projects.
  • Annual meetings of the Texas A&M Energy Institute that present the advances and enhance interactions with faculty, students, and other external partners.
  • A visitor-in-residence researcher program in first-rate research facilities.
  • Interactions with visiting researchers from industry, government, academia, and major energy institutes around the globe.