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Energy Institute Experts Offer Preliminary Analysis of the Effect of Historic Winter Storm on Texas’ Power Grid

Published: February 16, 2021
Energy Digitization

In an opinion article published in the Houston Chronicle and titled, “Opinion: What went wrong with Texas’s power failure and how to fix it,” Energy Institute Faculty Affiliates Le Xie, Mark Barteau, Chanan Singh, and Efstratios Pistikopoulos indicate “several key factors may have contributed to this historic power outage.”

In short, the group of experts suggests four actions to better prepare the Texas grid for the future:

  • Winterization of infrastructure and wind turbines.
  • Investments in High Voltage DC connections with the Eastern and Western interconnections.
  • Regulatory and market design for better demand response.
  • Strategic energy storage reserves.

Read the full article in the Houston Chronicle at:

Other Contributions

In the days following the onset of the winter storm, Texas A&M Energy Institute Faculty Affiliates provided expert opinions and analysis to a number of media outlets. Here is a sampling of the appearances.

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