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New Energy Institute Partnerships in China and Korea

Published: March 7, 2016
2015-2016 Texas A&M Energy Institute interns from the Republic of Korea: (L-R) Hyeju Song, Kyungjae Tak, Seeyub Yang, Kyungwon Kim, and Yoon-Tae Go.
2015-2016 Texas A&M Energy Institute interns from the Republic of Korea: (L-R) Hyeju SongKyungjae TakSeeyub YangKyungwon Kim, and Yoon-Tae Go.

The Texas A&M Energy Institute (EI) is pleased to announce the establishment of two new partnerships for academic, technical, and educational collaborations for energy-related advances with organizations in China and Korea.

Specifically, the EI will partner in China with the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) in the Chinese Academy of Sciences at Beijing, a high-profile Chinese government research institute in process engineering that was established in 1958. In the Republic of Korea, the partnership will be with the Engineering Development Research Center (EDRC) at Seoul National University at Seoul, a national engineering center established in June 2014 with a support of Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to foster high quality engineers in Korea.

To enhance the capabilities of all three organizations to initiate new energy developments and meet the future demand for well-educated energy experts, multi-faceted and multi-year agreements have been negotiated with each organization.

Through the IPE and EDRC partnerships, graduate students and engineers from China and Korea will travel to Texas A&M for the EI’s Internship Program. Offering interns the opportunity to interact with some of the 235 EI Faculty Affiliates, members of the Texas A&M Energy Research Society, and industrial partners within the EI’s Industrial Consortium, the program will open doors to two way learning between academia and industry, as well as between cultures.

This fall, five specially selected graduate students and engineers from Korea will come to the Texas A&M campus for 10 months and participate in the inaugural cohort of the EI’s new Master of Science in Energy, with some students conducting research and completing master’s theses with EI Faculty Affiliates. In the future, some IPE graduate students or engineers will also come to Texas A&M and participate in the EI’s new Certificate in Energy or Master of Science in Energy.

Additionally, research faculty and student exchanges between the EI, the IPE, and the EDRC will occur in the coming months and years, which may be coupled with seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences, joint publications, or other research collaborations in the fields of energy and process innovation.