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Energy Research Society Leadership


To represent all graduate students and researchers in field of energy and provide them with a platform to develop and improve training; encourage and strengthen research and provide opportunities for social interaction.


The Energy Research Society, serving as the graduate student body of Texas A&M Energy Institute, exists to work for graduate students and researchers in area of energy to ensure that their needs are understood, advocated, and promoted through education, research, and learning.

The Structure of the Society

ERS has more than 450 members from 26 departments at Texas A&M. The main leadership group is composed of more than 20 volunteers that meet regularly for the establishment of the society and the planned future events.

2018-2019 Officers

PresidentAkhil AroraCHEN – Ph.D. student
Executive Vice President/TreasurerSpyridon (Spyros) TsolasCHEN – Ph.D. student
Internal Outreach ChairIosif PappasCHEN – Ph.D. student
External Outreach ChairAkhilesh GandhiCHEN – Ph.D. student
Technical Program ChairKasturi SarangCHEN – Ph.D. student
Webmaster & Social Media ChairJulia UrdialesCVEN – Undergraduate student
Webmaster & Social Media OfficerCatherine RosasGEOS – Undergraduate student
Events CoordinatorSrinikhita VankadariCHEN – MS student
Internal Outreach OfficerNiranjan SitapureCHEN – Ph.D. student
External Outreach Officer 1Matthew LawrenceMEEN – Undergraduate student
External Outreach Officer 2Ashwini RavindranCHEN – MS student
Technical Program Officer 1Debopamaa DebnathCHEN – Ph.D. student
Technical Program Officer 2Naveen Kumar MishraCHEN – Ph.D. student
Technical Program Officer 3Paraskevi FloudaMSEN – Ph.D. student
PresidentDoga DemirhanCHEN – Ph.D. student
Executive Vice President/TreasurerShachit Shankaran IyerCHEN – Ph.D. student
Internal Outreach ChairSpyros TsolasCHEN – Ph.D. student
External Outreach ChairAkhil AroraCHEN – Ph.D. student
Technical Program ChairAbhinav NarasingamCHEN – Ph.D. student
Media and Design ChairAnne LeCHEN – Undergraduate student
Internal Outreach General Officer 1Anmol ShahELEN – Ph.D. student
Technical Program General Officer 1Kasturi SarangCHEN – Ph.D. student
Technical Program General Officer 2Prashanth SiddhamshettyCHEN – Ph.D. student

President: Burcu Beykal
Vice-President: Ishan Bajaj
Technical Lead: Cosar Doga Demirhan
External Outreach Lead: Yang-Denis Su-Feher
Internal Outreach Lead: Melis Onel
Logistics Lead: Shachit Iyer
Conference Directors:
Baris Burnak
Salih Emre Demirel
Pankaj Goel
Justin Katz
Kevin Topolski
Bingyu Wang

President: Onur Onel (4th year Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering)
Vice-President: Prerna Jain (3rd year Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering)
Technical Directors:

  1. Payman Dehghanian (5th year Ph.D. student in Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  2. Alexander M. Niziolek (4th year Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering)
  3. Daniel Tofan (Postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry)
  4. Kevin Topolski (1st year Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering)

Seminar Coordinators:

  1. Fani Boukouvala (Postdoctoral fellow in Chemical Engineering)
  2. Daniel Browne (4th year Ph.D. student in Biochemistry and Biophysics)

The organization is structured by the leadership group and is subject to grow as the society expands its activities. If you want to become a member of the society and be involved in the leadership group or become a departmental representative please fill out the Texas A&M Energy Research Society Membership Form.

Faculty Advisors

Stratos Pistikopoulos

Professor Stratos Pistikopoulos
2016 – Present

Christodoulos A. Floudas

Professor Christodoulos A. Floudas
2015 – 2016


To become a member of the society, learn about society leadership opportunities, or any other questions please send an e-mail to

Please follow us on the ERS Facebook Page:

Texas A&M Energy Research Society