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ERS Spotlight Series

What?Video Interview Series
With Whom?Texas A&M Energy Institute Affiliated Faculty Members
Why?Highlight multi-disciplinary energy research conducted at Texas A&M University

List of Episodes

Episode 1: Interview with Dr. Faruque Hasan

Dr. Faruque Hasan is an Assistant Professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Hasan’s research is on multi-scale systems engineering, modeling and optimization of energy systems, and carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and sequestration.

Episode 2: Interview with Dr. Bruce A. McCarl

Dr. Bruce A. McCarl is University Distinguished Professor and Regents Professor of Agricultural Economics. Dr. McCarl’s research is on climate change, biofuels, water economics & policy, and mathematical programming. He is also the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize 2007, for his contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Episode 3: Interview with Dr. Rabi Mohtar

Dr. Rabi Mohtar is the TEES Endowed Professor at Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering. Dr. Mohtar’s research focuses on water-energy-food nexus, environmental and natural resources, soil-water characterization, and sustainable water management. Dr. Mohtar is one of the leaders of Texas A&M Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative. He is also the Founding Director of Qatar Environment and Energy Institute.

Episode 4: Interview with Dr. Jonathan Coopersmith

Dr. Jonathan Coopersmith is a Professor in the Department of History. Dr. Coopersmith’s research interests include energy economics, energy law and policy, and energy security with special focus on technology maturity assessment and fraud and froth in emerging technologies.


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