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2013 Energy Institute/ConocoPhillips Fellows

Ghassan Akrouch, Civil Engineering, "Shallow Geothermal Energy for Cooling Dominated Climates"

Pallab Barai, Mechanical Engineering, "Modeling of Mechano-Electrochemical Behavior of Battery Materials"

Robert Ehrmann, Aerospace Engineering
, "The Effect of Realistic Roughness on Wind Turbine Airfoils"

Adolfo Escobedo-Pinto, Industrial & Systems Engineering, "Efficient Algorithms for Load Shed Recovery with Transmission Switching" and "Revenue-adequate Financial Transmission Rights for Flexible Topologies"

Naeem Farokhnia, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Power Grid's Power Quality Improvement Using Solar Panels Directly Connected to the Distribution Systems"

Duminda Gunawardena, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, "Deoxygenation of Biomass Oxygenates to Hydrocarbon Fuels via Direct Methane Coupling"

Mohamed Noureldin, Chemical Engineering
, "Process Design and Optimization of Integrated Energy Generation Systems"

Dehan Zhu, Geology & Geophysics
, "Seismic Waveform Inversion by Particle Swarm Optimization for Oil/Gas Reservoir Characterization"


Find an Expert! To find Texas A&M researchers with expertise in particular energy areas, go to one of the links above (Bioenergy, etc.). To view individual webpages, click on the researcher's name.

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4th International Next Generation Batteries, April 29-30, San Diego CA

Power Electronics & Electrical Challenges for Engineering Energy-Efficient Buildings: A Focused Workshop, May 15, Fort Worth, TX

SunShot Grand Challenge Summit 2014, May 19-22, Anaheim CA

TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo, June 15-18, Washington DC

46th Annual Power Sources Conference (PSC), June 9-12, Orlando FL

2014 EIA Energy Conference, July 14-15, Washington DC

EPI's 4th Annual Energy Policy Research Conference, September 4-5, San Francisco CA

SWITCH Energy Project Theater Screenings


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