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The Texas A&M Energy Institute works to establish a vibrant interactive environment that brings together academia, government, and industry to discuss, address, and provide transformative solutions to energy challenges that improve the world’s quality of life and ushers in an equitable energy system.

At Texas A&M, the Energy Institute seeks to be a “Point of Reference” within the university on energy-related matters, connecting engineering, sciences, technologies, economics, law, and policy dimensions.

The goal is to cultivate a vibrant nucleus of industry and academic partners through collaborations that will address the complexity and challenges of the Energy Transition.


  • Enable and catalyze research collaborations between industry, academia, and government to generate new technologies and perform policy analyses towards improving the production, distribution, and consumption of fossil-based and non-fossil energy sources.
  • Improve research and education interactions among faculty, students, postdoctoral associates, and researchers in industry/government.
  • Establish links with industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to promote transfer of innovative and transformative technologies towards meeting the energy grand challenges.