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About Us

About the Texas A&M Energy Institute

Transform the Energy Research Landscape

The Texas A&M Energy Institute interdisciplinary research program focuses on the interacting themes of:

  1. Fossil and Non-Fossil based Technologies for Energy;
  2. Materials, Catalysis, and Separations for Energy;
  3. Multi-scale Energy Systems Engineering; and
  4. Energy Economics, Law, Policy, and Societal Impact.

To enhance the synergy among different disciplines, the Texas A&M Energy Institute introduces annual multi-PI proposal calls and provides seed and matching funds for competitively selected group projects.

Faculty Experts in Energy

World-class faculty and research teams from multiple disciplines (i.e., Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, Bush School of Government and Public Policy, Mays Business School, School of Architecture, and School of Law) work together and form research collaborations with the best in industry to address the complexity and challenges of important energy problems.

Educate the Next Generation of Leaders in Energy

The Texas A&M Energy Institute is the home of (a) a unique professional “Master of Science in Energy” degree program, (b) a “Certificate in Energy” program. The Texas A&M Energy Institute also supports student-led campus initiatives and provides grants and fellowships.

Establish Partnerships in Energy

The Texas A&M Energy Institute seeks to establishing vibrant interactive environment that brings together academia, government, and industry to discuss, address, and provide transformative solutions to energy challenges.