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Breakthrough Supply Chains: New Book by Iakovou and Co-Authors

Published: July 21, 2023
Breakthrough Supply Chains

Professor Eleftherios “Lefteris” Iakovou, a Professor of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, and co-authors Christopher Gopal, Gene Tyndall, Wolfgang Partsch have published a book entitled “Breakthrough Supply Chains: How Companies and Nations Can Thrive and Prosper in an Uncertain World.” This book is A timely guide to rethinking and reinventing supply chains with breakthrough thinking to benefit your organization, the economy, and the world.

Major global events have brought to the forefront the impact of supply chains on everything from the success of companies and the health of individuals to global prosperity. As global business and geopolitical conditions change radically, it is imperative that supply chain strategies and operations transform to thrive in a volatile environment. Leaders have come to recognize the critical importance of resilience, agility, flexibility, and assurance of supply.

Breakthrough Supply Chains provides a comprehensive view of end-to-end supply chains and dispels the common myths about them. It provides “breakthrough thinking” principles that address critical topics for enterprise and public policy:

  • How supply chains have enabled profitable and beneficial growth in the evolving world
  • The evolution of “the new customers” and what they demand
  • The critical success factors for managing demand and supply in a complex and risky world
  • Information, data, governance, analytics and measurements that guide strategic choices
  • Resilience, risk, and supply assurance
  • Sustainable supply chains and the environment

This book is available at major bookstores and online retailers.