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Texas A&M Energy Institute Establishes “Energy Research Society”

Published: September 24, 2015
Energy Research Society
Energy Research Society

In an effort to promote collaboration, partnerships, and advancements in energy research and scholarship between doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows at Texas A&M University, the Texas A&M Energy Institute has established the new Texas A&M Energy Research Society.

The Texas A&M Energy Research Society is a unique opportunity for Texas A&M doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows to empower themselves as they prepare to launch their careers in academia, industry or government. These individuals, who are conducting energy-related research under an Energy Institute faculty affiliate, will be the founding members of a new community that will play an important role in their educational experience at Texas A&M.

More than 400 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows from 26 departments have already accepted an invitation to join the society. The group gathered together for the first time at the Texas A&M Energy Research Society Reception on September 21, 2015 at the Memorial Student Center’s Bethancourt Ballroom.

“I look forward to this opportunity for our students and postdoctoral fellows to join together to create a truly dynamic and synergistic environment,” said Professor Christodoulos A. Floudas, director of the Texas A&M Energy Institute. “This will help bring attention to Texas A&M University and the Energy Institute and will show the academic and industrial communities that Texas A&M is a leading force in energy research, education, and training.”

In the near future, the Texas A&M Energy Research Society will formally establish student officers, committees, and identify opportunities for technical and social events and activities. Volunteers or nominations for leadership positions or memberships on committees should be sent to Robyn L. Pearson at

Specific future events for the Texas A&M Energy Research Society will include a new Energy Seminar Series in 2016 with lectures by Texas A&M Energy Institute faculty affiliates. Texas A&M Energy Research Society members and leadership will participate in the selection of speakers and will serve as part of the primary audience.

In addition, the Texas A&M Energy Research Society, in partnership with the Texas A&M Energy Club and the Texas A&M Energy Institute, is considering the establishment of a three-day “Texas A&M Conference on Energy,” featuring oral presentations, poster presentations, panels, plenary lectures, and strong participation from industry and government. This event will potentially take place during the 2016 fall semester.

For more information on the Texas A&M Energy Research Society, contact Robyn L. Pearson at