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    The Texas A&M Energy Institute pursues and supports new approaches for multi-disciplinary energy research, education, and external partnerships. These approaches cross departmental and college boundaries and address all facets of the energy landscape that naturally connect engineering, sciences, technologies, economics, law, and policy decisions.

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    Texas A&M Energy Institute Graduate Fellowships 2021

    Applications Open for 2021 Texas A&M Energy Institute Graduate Fellowships

    The Texas A&M Energy Institute offers graduate fellowships to reward excellence in energy research, promote research that is important to our energy future, and encourage students to pursue careers in energy.

    2021 Graduate Fellowships

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    Student Research Internship Program

    Applications Open for 2021 Student Research Internship Program

    Each year, the Texas A&M Energy Institute offers an exceptional opportunity, the Student Research Internship Program, for undergraduate students to conduct hands-on energy research under the supervision of one or more of the Texas A&M Energy Institute’s faculty affiliates. Research results during this program could contribute to a journal publication or possibly…
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    • March 22 - 2021
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    Energy Price Index (EPIC) Network Example

    Energy Institute Researchers Develop Energy Price Index to Calculate the Average Price of Energy

    Since the early industrial revolution in the mid-1700s, fossil fuels have acquired an ever-growing footprint in energy production. However, the environmental concerns of fossil fuels use and their inevitable depletion have led to a global shift toward renewable energy sources. These transitions, however, raise questions about the…
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