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Cai Participates in RAPID Intern Program

Published: February 4, 2021
Xiaoqing Cai
Xiaoqing Cai, a junior chemical engineering major at Texas A&M University

Xiaoqing Cai, a junior chemical engineering major at Texas A&M University, is participating in the Spring 2021 RAPID Intern Program.

The RAPID Intern Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct research with RAPID members, including both university and industry members. The virtual PI leadership program, which overlays the work students are already doing at RAPID member organizations, provides students with PI leadership training and professional development skill-building opportunities like networking, career discovery, and public speaking/presenting.

Cai is currently focusing her efforts on the RAPID Synthesis of Operable Process Intensification Systems (SYNOPSIS) project under primary investigator Stratos Pistikopoulos within the Texas A&M Energy Institute. She is specifically working on the design of intensified reaction systems with inherent safety considerations utilizing process simulation, model-based safety analysis, and operational optimization techniques.

“The program focuses on improving our professional knowledge and skills, while also shaping our critical thinking and presentation abilities in a better way,” said Cai. “Thanks for this internship. I have the opportunity to communicate with students from different colleges and learn from each other. I’m happy that I can gain a deeper understanding of Process Intensification beyond what you would find in a book.” 

The RAPID Student Intern Program includes the following:

  • Technical project work on a project advancing process intensification or modular process design.
  • Virtual leadership development training, including 1-2 weekly webinars or eLearning courses.
  • Virtual RAPID Intern community and an ability to network and collaborate with other RAPID interns.
  • The opportunity to develop and present a presentation on their intern experience to a panel of RAPID members and network with RAPID representatives.