The Texas A&M Energy Institute’s New Convergence Research Incubator (CORE)

The Rationale

Convergence Research Incubator (CORE) Flow - Illustrates how complex societal challenges are addressed through need identification matched with research expertise, partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and co-development of solutions.
The Convergence Research Incubator Flow
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The grand challenges our world faces today are complex and tightly interconnected. Addressing them requires working across disciplines to develop innovative, multifaceted solutions that respond to their social, economic, technological and policy dimensions.

Solutions will be the outcomes of a process of co-creation among and between the diverse researcher and stakeholder groups connected with these challenges.

The Method

The Texas A&M Energy Institute is well positioned to provide an enabling platform that catalyzes convergence research to address complex grand challenges.

Convergence Research Incubator (CORE) Flyer
Convergence Research Incubator (CORE) Flyer
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It will do so by building on its past and current experiences, which have included support of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative (WEFNI), Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment (RAPID), Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), and the Energy Workforce for Future Initiative. Through its internal seed grants program, the Energy Institute continues to support projects focused on energy-related challenges, including their public policy, law and social science dimensions.

It will continue to leverage its 295 faculty affiliates from nine colleges and schools and more than 20 departments, and will continue to engage stakeholders from public, private and civil society organizations at state, national and global levels. Through its CORE Incubator, the Energy Institute will promote convergence research by providing a catalyzing platform to address complex grand challenges.

One of the National Science Foundation’s 10 Big Ideas is Growing Convergence Research to addresses complex societal grand challenges. The need for convergence research and its products is essential to “protecting human health; understanding the food, energy, water nexus; exploring the universe at all scales.”

Convergence research integrates knowledge, tools and methodologies from the physical and social science disciplines to create a network of partnerships that stimulate innovation, discovery and translational application.

Convergence Research Incubator (CORE) Venn Diagram - Illustrates how the discrete Research Environment and Stakeholder Environment intersect within the area of convergence. The CORE Incubator will support the three environments to enable the development of convergence research that unlocks new potential for addressing complex societal challenges.
Convergence Research Incubator (CORE) Vision - An image graphically depicts diverse groups of ideas coming together through the Convergence Research Incubator (CORE). Solutions are then realized through the efforts of CORE.

Vision and Mission

VISION: Sustain and expand Texas A&M University’s national and global leadership in the area of convergence research toward addressing complex grand challenges.

MISSION: Create a platform for convergence research among Texas A&M researchers in support of assembling and empowering research teams that can successfully compete for external grants requiring proven records of cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Key Milestones

For more information, contact:

Bassel Daher, Ph.D.
Texas A&M Energy Institute CORE Incubator

Goals of the CORE Incubator